Singular and Plural Nouns


There are several ways that nouns have singular and plural forms.  Some add the word ka (as in ka caa ‘cows’), nying (as in nying aburo ‘monkeys’) or nyi (as in nyi waya ‘aunts’) before the noun to show the plural of that noun. Some words add ji before the singular noun and jo before the plural noun (as in ji can ‘poor person’, jo can ‘poor people’). Nouns that are uncountable do not add any words (such as tɔl ‘rope’).

Ways of forming singular and plural nouns
  Singular Plural  
ka caa ka caa cow
nying aburo nying aburo monkey
nyi waya nyi waya aunt
ji/jo ji can jo can poor person
(uncountable) tɔl ----- rope